Yolo Cafe Table Tennis Tournament

Man playing table tenis

What is Yolo Cafe Table Tennis Tournament?

Table tennis is a game which is enjoyed by many people, young and old alike. It is played on a rectangular table with a short net dividing the table into two. Two players stand on opposite sides of the table and bounce a ball back and forth using two small wooden bats called paddles. Both players can play the game at a fast or slow pace depending on their experience level.

Yolo Cafe, an international cafe, located at the The Yash Resort, Bhandardara has recently held a new tournament, the Table Tennis Tournament.

The table tennis tournament was originally held to help people enjoy their holiday at the resort by competing against each other instead of wasting their time loitering around or just watching TV. 

You can register for the tournament online via Google form which is available on our website. The entry fee is 100 rupees per head and the timings are 5 pm to 7 pm.

The tournament held at Yolo Cafe is a three set competition between two players with 11 points in each set. Whichever player wins the game will be awarded a tlow T-shirt and a gorgeous DIY trophy. The tournament is held every weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun). It starts at 5 pm in the evening and will end at 7 pm. 

The rules for the tournament are as follows:

  1. Coin Toss – The game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss, is liable to choose to serve, receive or choose the side of the table they serve from.
  2. The server has to bounce the ball on their side while serving before it bounces on the receiver’s side.
  3. If the receiver attempts to receive the ball before it bounces, the server gets a point. Only one bounce is allowed via the server.
  4. You can only slightly lean on the table with your thighs.
  5. You can only lean on the table with your elbow.

Point Scoring System

  1. If the ball hits the net and doesn’t reach the receiver, a point goes to the opponent.
  2. If the ball bounces outside the table or falls outside the table, the point goes to the opponent.
  3. If the ball bounces twice on the receiver’s side, the point goes to the receiver.
  4. If the receiver attempts to hit the ball before it bounces once, the server receives the point.
  5. If the ball hits the side border of the table (height), the receiver receives a point.
  6. If you miss the ball with your paddle while serving, your opponent gets a point.
  7. If you miss the ball with your paddle while serving and catch the ball with your hand, your opponent gets a point.
  8. If you move the table while playing, your opponent gets a point.

We hope you join us here at Yolo Cafe, Yash Resort, Bhandardara for a good weekend as well as participate in the table tennis tournament.

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