10 Things To Do At The Yolo Cafe

  1. Paid games/activities- there are various activities which the yolo cafe provides for the travellers. They provide games like table tennis, ps4, snooker, carrom and virtual reality. The amount for the same is very pocket friendly. The games make the environment of the cafe more sporty.
  2. Unpaid games/activities- unpaid activities are basically the table games like jenga, domino, string hockey, uno, beer glass pyramid, nut stacker, dice stacker, ludo, snake and ladder, chess, cards and scotland city. They are designed to bring joy to the people and have fun.
  3. Urban clan- it is a circuit of various games outlined for it to be a competition and while playing it provides fun to the travellers. Total 5 games are involved in urban clans; i.e, beer glass ping pong, golf, nut and dice stacker and bowling. The rules and points are calculated as per the Yolo-cafe team.
  4. Cuisines- if you visit the Yolo-cafe then you can’t neglect the food. The cafe not only provides you with Indian cuisines but also continental cuisines. From veg to non-veg, you will be provided with supreme quality food and service as well.
  5. Swimming pool (the pool shop)- The Yolo-cafe is in front of the swimming pool and the cafe has produced a shop for the pool named The Pool Shop. There you will find various accessories for the pool: goggles, pool ball, floats, tubes, etc. The swimming pool is the best part of the Yolo-cafe.
  6. Cabana- it is the place where you get the best vibes. It is placed by the side of the pool. Different graffities are made on the walls of the cabana.
  7. Books- the Yolo-cafe has made up a bookshelf using a tyre and it is stuffed with many books. The bookshelf has books for all age groups. Travellers can have an amazing experience reading books near the swimming pool.
  8. Word art- Yolo-cafe has an exciting concept of word art. The travellers will be given a list of words with meanings and whatever word they like they can paint is on the walls of the cafe.
  9. Hand art- hand art is another concept arranged by Yolo-cafe. The people can ask to paint their hands and they can imprint their handprints on the walls of the Yolo-cafe.
  10. Foyer- Foyer is the main place of the cafe because the games are placed there like table tennis, carrom and the unpaid games (unpaid activities).

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