10 Reasons Why TYRB is the Best Resort for Children

The Yash Resort Bhandardara is a lively and proactive resort located in the Sahyadris where you and your family can enjoy a fun vacation viewing beautiful mountains around.

Being an amazing place for family and friends, the place offers great vibes and a soothing atmosphere for a better vacation. The Yash Resort is an exceptionally soothing place for children of all ages. The clean air helps them breathe better and feel fresher. 

Here is a list of ten reasons why TYRB is the best resort for children. 

The Games

Games are a part of Yolo Cafe at the Yash Resort. The games here include both paid and unpaid games that many children enjoy and love. The children get to play with several table games like Jenga, dominoes, scrabble etc.

The Music

The music is great with a pleasing and soothing feeling for many children. Some children enjoy the music to such an extent that they start dancing and playing around the cafe.

The Pool

TYRB has a good sized pool with a mini kids pool attached to it. Children who come to tyrb usually have a good time playing with the water and they also provide several toys for travellers like floats, snorkels, flippers, etc.

The Arena / Lawn Scape

TYRB has a huge lawnscape within the premises. Children can play games here, get their pets along with them, and they can enjoy just sitting in the grass and looking up at the stars at night.

The Activities

The Yash Resort holds several activities like Urban Clans, hand art, word art 

Urban Clan games every weekend. Also they hold art activities like hand art, bottle art and word art. Children can also play table games like Jenga, Dominoes, etc. 

The Vibe

The Yash Resort poolside, where the Yolo Cafe is located, continuously plays good English cafe music which gives off a beautiful English Vibe. Families are able to chill out and enjoy good nostalgic music. Children can play in and around the cafe.

The Artwork

The Yash Resort is themed with abstract artwork all around the place, the main building, the pool side, even the terrace. Wherever you go, you’ll find art murals all over the place. Children who visit the resort love to roam around the decorated walls and see caricatures painted everywhere.

The Food.

The Yash Resort has both a Fine Dine Restaurant called Chula as well as a Cafe, called The Yolo Cafe. The restaurant serves Indian and Chinese dishes. The Cafe serves International dishes. The restaurant and the cafe both serve meals for the entire day. The cafe has the bonus point of being open late into the night.

The E-cycles

Children with their families can rent out electric cycles and go for a joyride to the lake nearby, which is a tourist attraction. The cycles have built in motors that can be used to accelerate the bike if you get tired pedaling. 

The Yolo Cafe

The in-house cafe, Yolo Cafe, is a major part of the vibe here at The Yash Resort. The Yolo cafe conducts events for families where they can play games and compete with each other and take away fun prizes to their homes. 

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