10 Life Skills I Gained From The Internship

Girl with laptop

I still remember the adrenaline rush experienced when I got shortlisted for the internship. This was my first internship away from home. My parents were skeptical about sending me here. It was a huge step for me. I had finally started my journey to Bhandardara for the internship after a lot of convincing. Now, my internship has almost come to an end. I have a few days remaining and there are quite a few things that I have learnt.


          When it comes to managing time , I’m not a person you could count on . But now, this internship has moulded me into such a punctual person . Right from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep , all my tasks for the day are scheduled. Scheduling your tasks for the day makes your life so much easier. This is a huge step to achieve your goals , putting yourself on a schedule and working accordingly everyday. It makes a huge difference.


             There was a time when I would just procrastinate my way through life. I would never take up work    that was not mine. After being a part of the 90 day internship , the second thing that I learnt is to prioritise my work according to the importance of the task. It’s important to list out all the tasks you have for the day and then prioritise them accordingly as to which one has to be done first and which tasks can be done later on in the day. This system of noting down the work you have for the day makes you so organised and time punctual . 


When you are away from home , the major problem that you have to face is how to handle money responsibly. You learn how to ration your earnings and when you pen down your expenses, that’s when you realise how much money you’ve been spending unnecessarily . When you’re at a new place, you need to spend money wisely . You learn how to do that when you’re not with your parents and earning on your own.


       When you move to a new place , you feel completely lost. You are completely clueless about the local people and the culture. It takes a while to get adapted to the local culture and society. You realise how wide the country is and how different it is back from your hometown . You learn to adapt to the new weather conditions , the food and the people. You learn how to adjust, which is important when you move to a new place. 


          Every day is a new beginning here. You learn something new every single day . You get a chance to learn Digital Marketing , Sales , Hosting and so much more in this internship. You’re provided with the high end tools like Google Pixels , iPad , MacBook Air , GoPro . You learn how to utilise these tools completely for content making and how to churn money out of the tools that you’re provided with . You learn to create hacks for things to make difficult things simpler and easier. 


          When you work at a place , it’s a human tendency to make mistakes once in a while. You learn to take up responsibility for the mistakes that you make. It’s important to take constructive criticism well . Naturally , no one likes to be criticised and sometimes , these evaluations can be scary. We have to remind ourselves that it’s not personal .  It’s important to not let the criticism take you down , Absorb the criticism and use it to grow your self .


          When you meet a lot of people, it’s important that you mingle with them . You learn a lot about the people when you communicate with them. You get to build your network by meeting and interacting with people. I’ve learnt it’s better to over communicate than communicating less and face problems later on. Building a rapport with people you meet is very essential and you never know when it might come of use to you. 


          You learn how to weigh the pros and cons of every situation before making a decision . You learn how to respond to live wire situations and respond to them in a correct way. You are guided to make rational decisions rather than rash decisions . This skill is very important when you work in Management position . You should also be responsible to face the consequences of the decision that you take.


          You get a chance to explore and utilise your potential to the fullest. You learn how to multitask at the same time and it saves your time and you get a lot of work done. This is funny coming from a person who used to procrastinate a lot. But over time, I have developed this skill .It goes hand in hand with time management. 


           The core skill every employer looks for in a person is responsibility . It’s the most important trait that can take you places. You learn to be responsible , all the points mentioned above lead you to a more responsible life and it makes your life much easier. There will be no chaos and everything is so systematic , you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary things. 

By the end of 90 days , I’m sure you would turn into a complete person and all this experience that you gain here will definitely be put to use. The knowledge that you learn here in 90 days cannot be learnt within the four walls even if you sit to learn for years.  I believe that teachers are all around us. Lessons must be derived from our everyday life. You learn to channel all the restless energy into something useful and productive.